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Built from the ground up for zero trust, ColorTokens’ cloud-delivered platform offers a new generation of proactive security that simplifies and streamlines protection and compliance for cloud workloads, applications, and endpoints.

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Zero trust is a security philosophy that stems from the concept: “trust nothing, verify everything.” With this approach, organizations grant access to only confirmed-safe users, systems, and processes — preventing bad actors from doing damage. This helps businesses defend against emerging threats like ransomware.

Award-winning security

ColorTokens were named Next Generation Security Company of the Year at the 2019 Infosec Awards. They are one of only 20 “Black Unicorns”– security companies on a global watch list to achieve a +$1bn valuation.  The Board includes Dr Tony Scott previously Federal CIO of the United States, and formerly CTO at Microsoft VmWare GM and Disney. He was also part of the team that developed the Zero Trust concept at Forrester. He has joined ColorTokens because “it is the best Security Technology, he had seen in three years” according to Tony.


Predict Cyber Security Losses – most Executives struggle to effectively identify, communicate and manage Cyber risk. ColorTokens Xquantify enables organizations to:

  • predict the potential cost of Cyber breaches, with 95% accuracy, for a 12-month period
  • manage Cyber risk in purely monetary terms just like any other business process – minimising consultant bias
  • identify where to accept or transfer Cyber risk, and where to invest in security controls for maximum ROI


Remove Security Blind Spots – with increasing internal “East West” traffic most organizations have security gaps. ColorTokens Xview enables organizations to:

  • gain an “enterprise wide” view of the attack surface in one screen – without using multiple security tools
  • visualise security priorities across – known assets, unknown assets (shadow IT), east west and north south data traffic flows, connections to malicious sites, internal vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
  • all delivered as SaaS, in minutes, real time, in any environment (on-prem, virtual, cloud, container)

Automate Network Segmentation and Workload Protection

Traditional network segmentation (Vlan and firewall) relies on administering access control lists (acls). With increasing cloud and digitization acls are too slow and cumbersome. ColorTokens Xshield delivers:

  • enhanced security – containing risks through multiple granular micro-segments, increased agility – days vs. minutes by removing access control lists, simplified compliance – reducing the time to separate critical data and assets, reduced cost – 80% of TCO
  • all delivered as SaaS, in minutes, in any environment

Control End Point Application Processes

The standard security industry end point security approach, End Point Detect and Respond (EDR), relies on EDR vendors identifying all bad actors / actions globally. This is a “one size fits all” approach. As attackers find EDR work arounds it increasingly difficult for vendors to efficiently address all threats. Through Xprotect ColorTokens offer a different approach:

  • taking a client specific approach enables ColorTokens to be more proactive
  • identifying “known good, known bad, or unknown” behaviours in end point application processes
  • locking down end points to “known good” – preventing unauthorised end point application processes executing in real time. For example, where a phishing link has been downloaded, or Ransomware has entered an organisation, these unauthorised applications will be unable to execute
  • stopping attackers building command and control structures within in multi-application scenarios. For example, when Powershell executes in Google Chrome it creates extended Parent Child and Orphan application process chains. These process chains are a threat. Attackers are known to hide in, and gain control of, extended process chains. Xprotect ensures only good / authorised processes chains execute.
  • reducing SOC/NOC alarm fatigue by increasing the % of security attacks prevented.

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