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Fit to purpose Training & Material

Capture, retain, and disseminate critical organizational process knowledge to ensure the success of your enterprise systems and processes, accelerate staff adoption, and prepare your organization to be productive and efficient.

If you want training solutions that FIT your organisation’s need, then read on . .

Diginetix Fit to Purpose Training

Fit for Purpose - How well does your training fit your Organisation?

Organizations are all unique with their own vision, culture and values. Each one has their own system and business processes, with certain areas that need improvement and training.

Why is it, then, that organisations buy ‘off the shelf’ training and are surprised when the training does not achieve the required improvement in performance or that after training, staff do not know how to operate the new system or business process?
Where the performance improvement, behaviour change or system is unique to your organisation, you will need training that is designed specifically for your organisation.

Some important questions you should ask yourself

  • Do you establish what performance improvement is required
    as a result of your training?
  • Do you map the business processes and structure training around these?
  • Do you identify the non-training issues which are affecting performance?
  • Are the examples used in training relevant to your staff?
  • Is the terminology used in the training the terminology your staff
    are required to use in the workplace?
  • Do the training methods used in the training match your staff’s needs?
    • Learning styles
    • Communication methods
Diginetix Fit-to-Purpose Training

How to develop training that fits?

A fit-for-purpose training program  stems from an initial needs analysis and is delivered through our Digital Learning Platform (DLP). Integration of training and exercise programs can promote retention of knowledge and skills.


  • Determine the performance improvement required
  • Map the business processes
  • Identify the skills and knowledge required
  • Identify the non-training issues which are affecting performance

Job Examples

  • Use real work examples to show how the skills can be applied and for staff to use as practice items

Link to Business Processes

  • Structured around the business processes
  • Reflect the unique steps, accountability and timing of the business processes

Training Methods

  • Match the training to the staffs’
    – Learning styles
    – Preferred communication methods


  • Use language that the staff will be required to use in the workplace
  • Explain new terminology and include a glossary of terms

Competency Assessments

  • Design competence assessments that replicate the standards of performance on the job

Fit to Purpose Assessments

Create Fit to Purpose assessments to test workers against specific criteria and standards of performance.

Diginetix Fit-to-Purpose Training

Are you safe and secure in the knowledge that your staff are competent

  • To take key roles when staff move on?
  • To achieve the business goals you have set?
  • Understand the business processes?
  • Work efficiently by implementing and using the current system or application?

Benefits of Fit to Purpose Training and Assessment

Drive worker adoption and productivity

Focus on the specific performance improvement

Staff see the relevance of the training.

Capturing organizational knowledge and ensuring workforce effectiveness

Focused on the process and/or system to be implemented

The training is cost effective

Staff are trained using real work examples, not generic case studies.

Capture and disseminate critical organizational process knowledge

Training meets the organisation’s needs and timing.

Digital Learning Platform (DLP)

Publish and manage courses, simulations and learners on the DLP, or elect to have a personalized instance for your organization.

Digitization of knowledge and experience across your organization.

Private DLP

  • Full capability available on DLP
  • Unique domain
  • Ability to add your organization logo and branding
  • Exclusive course and simulation catalogue
  • Collaboration and messaging

Diginetix DLP

  • Host courses and simulations
  • Manage access and registration
  • Confirm / test understanding
  • Guide learning and development
  • Manage certification and credits
Diginetix Digital Learning Platform

What we do

Process Recording

Capture and digitize complete processes in most applications.

Process Narration

Script and narrate process recordings to enable simulations.

Testing Scenarios

Enable testing and scoring of actions during simulations.

What we enable

Process Simulation

“See It” – Scripted / narrated simulation of a process or function.

Practice Simulation

“Do it” – Guided interaction in a simulated environment.

Tested Simulations

“Test it” – Scored interaction in a simulated environment.

Digital Process & Application Simulation

What is the value of Digital Process and Application Simulation?

Secure organizational knowledge and experience for the future.

Capture and digitally safeguard organizational knowledge and experience in a structured collaborative environment. “Not generic, but fit to purpose”.

Optimize and support human performance and job satisfaction.

Improve access to information, the individual learning experience, training efficacy and information retention. Optimise user adoption, morale, job satisfaction and performance.

Manage Risk.

Structuring user / new employee onboarding.
Test user knowledge prior to allowing Production access. Allow for practice and future review of process driven activities on demand.

Reduce Cost.

Drive user adoption, and promote the realization of planned technology / transformation project ROI and benefits. Less mistakes, less rework and better outcomes.
Diginetix Digital Learning